Gluten Free Banana Cookies

This recipe was created in collaboration with Gene Planet. For the most comprehensive insight into my lifestyle, I've received 7 DNA tests and discovered my genetic predispositions for all key aspects of my everyday life. My DNA analysis has shown that I am the carrier of two unfavourable copies of the KCTD10 gene, which indicates that my body has an unfavourable response to carbohydrates and I should pay attention to control my carbohydrate intake. Among other results, my genetic makeup indicates that I am lactose intolerant and that I can tolerate only a certain amount of lactose.

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Tereza's Choice

Plant-based products Tereza's Choice

At Tereza's Choice, we're comitted to making eating healthier a little easier. That's how the brand started. Every day we choose the moments, paths and experiences that build, guide and define us. I want you to choose healthy and with the range of 24 products we can bring ease and inspiration to your kitchen, where healthy diet is no longer a choice, but an inexhaustible source of satisfaction and joy.

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About me

"Am I raw, vegan, vegetarian or if I count calories?" I answer "I'm a person who eats!"

I avoid modern dietary labels such as paleo, lchf, etc. My philosophy is simple - my menu is always combined with fresh seasonal ingredients that awaken positive energy in the body and bring a smile onto our faces....

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