A vintage wool coat and a bunch of snow


And we have a vintage lift off again 😉 What is more perfect than to find a vintage piece, that is actually for a man, transformed into a woman high fashion coat from Gvant. Never mind all the money you save – the joy of vintage clothes is the feeling of romance and abandon they bring.

Golf pants, United Nude heels, JK design bag, and a hell lot of snow equals an outfit that evokes puzzled looks, but never mind, your body sings with inspiration of the joys of vintage.

It’s funny how we always conclude that clothes were   more stitched-up in the “old” days, but it isn’t so. Try on a handkerchief shirt from the 1930s, when synthetic materials and zippers were discovered. It feels like wearing nothing but two fluttering rayon petals on each cheek, a simple elastic, not much more than a prayer from falling apart, and the air, between nudity and the world.

Yet I can still indulge in a beautiful vintage coat with 1930s exaggerated shoulder pads, a soft woollen hat, high waisted pants, and a very smart modern leather bag. There is a moment for every fashion piece when it goes from being a pure fashion statement to being a reminder of an overdue piece. The secret of wearing vintage is to refine what suits you as you change, instead of ageing along with the clothes you choose.

Photographer Žiga Zupančič – ziga.zup@gmail.com

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