A Winter Outfit Idea


My winter survival kit is most definitely a stripped cape and woolen gray gloves. What does seem more important is staying warm of course, because cold feet can induce misery, as do icy hands. However the cape can be quite cold sometimes, but I have to wear it from time to time, just because it makes me feel like a winter superhero. Wear it with confidence, it’s easy – just get the cape, wear the cape and fly… 😉 Another positive thing about the cape is you can eat as much as you like, and it will always fit. Finally! A fashion industry invention that we can praise and celebrate.

This time of the year my thoughts begin to wonder about gloves, mostly about where did I mislaid one again, leaving me with yet another two unmatched color left hands! Aside from my annoying misplacement I adore soft woolen or leather gloves that make your look chic and Parisian like. Adding a vintage hat, skinny jeans and fluffy grey socks will make you feel warm without making you look like a hibernating arctic beast.

Anyway, the avoidance of chilly extremities is inevitable this month, as is cheering food; yes Christmas goodies are coming and why punish oneself any further than necessary, given the gloomy weather and a poor politics outlook?

  • Cape: Urban Outfitters
  • Hat: Vintage
  • Gloves: Target
  • Shoes: Nine West
  • Jeans: Urban Outfitters
  • Bag: Emma Fox
  • Scarf: Zara

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