About celebrity parents on National Television


My Monday afternoon was spent on the National telly with Bernarda Žarn and Dobra ura. Tina Mahkota, Primož Suhadolčan and me were talking about how it was growing with talented, celebrity parents. A theme I didn’t talk about a lot in the media. This time it was from my point of view and of course we had our ups and downs like every other family. But mostly I just wanted to highlight how incredibly proud I am of my family.

It’s funny how close we started to be each year; we started to pay attention to the present and improved upon it, stopped stressing each other about  details that have nothing to do with our lives. We forgot about the future and started to live each day according to ourselves and our beliefs in the Universe, confident that we are blessed not to be stressed about things that are yet to come.

Nevertheless, this cute and very human show opened up some of my childhood memories that were a a great blessing.

See the show here (starting from 20:00) http://tvslo.si/predvajaj/dobra-ura/ava2.165538576/

 Thank you to the lovely journalist Mateja Roša, Bernarda Žarn and team Dobra ura.

Special thanks also goes to B.K.Germ for the lovely jewellery 😉

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