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Teresamisu was created in the shower. Yes, best ideas actually come from there! It started as a hobby and love to healthy eating. It all developed when I decided it was absolutely necessary that my family starts eating a balanced, healthy diet. My mother and partner were both diagnosed with cancer and the kitchen started being my meditation space, away from the hardship of battling for the lives of my closest ones. Through food we started being connected as family and slowed down the pace of our everyday worries. Eliminating most grains, sugar, additives, preservatives and all the ingredients we cannot pronounce. We adopted a simple and very clean way of eating. We incorporated raw organic plants and started our very own veggie garden. Now imagine, we are not cooks and far from being farmers, but we learned and made it work!

I think eating healthy should be simple and never complicated, but I will be a pain in the ass when it comes to organic produce. I’m a strong believer that moderation of everything is the key. I always eat organic and local because I love my body, the planet, and all beings. When I eat food, I want it to be beautiful, but not just in taste. I want it to nourish my body and soul!

I never expected the blog to grow into what it is now. The community that we’ve all created here and across the social media platforms have enabled me to do more than I ever thought I could, I am so grateful for all of the engagement.

What am I doing now? I’m a full time cooking show host for Slovenian television POP TV, cookbook writer and recipe developer. I’m incredibly grateful for all of the beautiful people and opportunities that are constantly appearing in my life.

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