Cirque du Soleil in Vienna


And we are back in Vienna. This time for a different cause… Cirque du Soleil – Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour!!! Not only do they have the best circus shows (without animals of course, only acrobats), but they dedicated the whole show to Michael Jackson! I have been waiting for this tour to come to Europe for so long. First it was said that they will tour only through USA, but when I saw them coming to Vienna I got a minor panic attack.

Ticket were bought and we were heading via Vienna. While driving I was trying to describe to my friend how awesome these acrobats/dancers are, and that every second of the whole show is so precise and so special. But this show cannot be described, I don’t understand which director has such an imagination and where do all these talented people come from???

When I first saw their circus I was very young, but still vividly remember everything, so like a little girl I couldn’t wait to see them again. Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian acrobatic, theatrical-illusion company, with 219 crew members in 37 trucks hauling sets, costumes, LED screens and animatronics. Since the provocatively titled Immortal show opened in Montreal in October, it has become the highest-earning live show in the US, taking more than $100 million in ticket sales. Dancers, choreographers, musicians were all originally planned for the This is it tour with Michael Jackson, but sadly Michael was taken away and the future was obvious – a tour dedicated to him, with all his crew, but without Michael.

The whole show I was clapping, cheering, crying, smiling… It was a surreal emotional roller coaster. It was a over-the-top pop extravaganza ever staged for me. Dancing robots do gladiatorial battle; a pole dancer that looks like a one big muscle and contorts herself erotically 30 feet in the air; a pair of giant black-and-white shoes tap dance with a man-sized sequined glove; a DJ in a monkey suit that makes a grand entry; and a green monster that moves like an bubblegum on a giant book while almost 60 dancers, acrobats, aerialists and contortionists strut their stuff to a 10-piece band playing totally precise recreations of the star’s hits.

Just when you thought the Michael Jackson story couldn’t get any stranger, the circus moves in.

Here are some photos from Vienna, of course I couldn’t take my super duper camera to the concert so I can only offer you a nice short video of the tour.

Photographer Žiga Zupančič

  • Sweater: Zara
  • Coat and pants: Sophie D’Hoore
  • Shoes: Top Shop
  • Bag: Vintage
  • Hat: Zara

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