Alice in Wonderland – Behind the scenes


I am very happy to show you a side project we did while making an Alice who was touched by a bit of structured futurism and a bossy strictness. A young and very talented production company Blueroom did a incredible job documetnig Alice in Wonderland – Behind the scenes.

Matic Prusnik and Žiga Zupančič were the filming duo that documented this special memory. In the video you will see all the preparations for the shoot, the location and the actual photo shoot.

Our tea party took place at  Lolita. The smell of almonds, chocolate, fresh biscuits, vanilla, tea and coffee made us forget about our diets and satisfied all our senses.

Our main actress was also visionary makeup artist Martina Borščak and her magic wands-brushes. A special thank you goes to Matic Prusnik for editing and making a short movie about a slightly different Alice in Wonderland.

Organisation of the photo shoot by me and Žiga Zupančič, styling by me.

Special thanks to:

Production: Blueroom d.o.o.

Matic Prusnik – Filmer and Editor

Žiga Zupančič – Additional footage

Peter Prevec  – Lightning Designer –

Patisserie Lolita  – Dada Jerovšek and Draga Kepeš

Klavdija Fortuna – Hair – Mič Styling Rimska

Martina BorščakMake up

Viki Leški – Anastasia Beverly Hills – Alexhair and body line

Mother – for the beautiful gown by Mojca Makuc

Jana Koteska and Cute – Leggings

Barbara K. GermNecklace and rings

Babushka BoutiqueHair accessory and cup rings

Marjeta Grošelj – Handbags – Tavčarjeva 4

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