Alice in Wonderland editorial


I am the type who loves to don a creative costume, this year I kept it high on wit, style and the story culture index. The chic idea was to create a haute Alice in Wonderland costume by using only  Slovenian designers and Slovenian artists! I think we succeeded in making an Alice who was touched by a bit of structured futurism and a bossy strictness.

Alice had to be made by the perfect touch of a talented and visionary makeup artist Martina Borščak. She made me look like a pure diva pushed into a world full of mysterious fashion events… To look just right for the tea party my hair had to be curled up – Klavdija Fortuna took care for the edgy curls.

Lets not forget about about the sassy outfit…

The Alice blue gown is from a well-known designer Mojca Makuc. This gown was actually made for my mother for Best dressed Slovenians awards by Modna Jana. So not only does it look beautiful and fits perfectly it also has a story. It’s a another treasure I found in my mothers fun closet. This gown glances back at the past, but If you look closely at the cuts, they are still very modern. The Drakula collar and the loosened-up silhouette made the structured dress really pop with its galactic print.

I know Alice was wearing black and white tights, but lets face it – tights out, leggings in! I mean leggings are practically perfect in every way, so stylish and yet very comfy. Designer Jana Koteska clearly made a leggings revolution in Slovenia. Absolutely every piece is unique, made for daring women. With her modern textured prints she emphasises, that it is not all about comfiness, but also about a strong and sexy woman. Walking in these beauties is actually poetry. You can find her leggings in a very cute store, called… well, Cute.

When I come into Barbara K. Germ store I always say “Wooow, I want that necklace, oh look and the rings… and the bracelets… Dammit, I want everything you create!” I think many women can agree with me – when you step inside her lovely designed glass boutique you are instantly seduced. Beware! The modernist glass designs have the Medusa effect – one glance at it and you are instantly stoned with amazement.

Marjeta Grošelj handbags are also pure art. If you are looking for a heritage bag that is not going to be outdated the next season, than she is the the right designer to go to. Unlike her usual geometrical bags, which could be characterized as a “mini studios”, since they can be compared with the enormous size, I wore a small vintage blue and a chic silver clutch. With the purchase of her luxurious bag you can be comforted by the fact that this is an investment in a immortal handbag. Today we can see daughters, granddaughters and even grandsons who are trying to get their hands on at least one vintage handbag with the big G.

Last but not least we must not forget about a very successful boutique called Babushka. Every corner of this store is filled with inspirational hand made pieces by Slovenian and foreign designers, that make you say the very well known breathless line, “I want every single piece.” When you think about Babushka, you imagine bracelets that say I <3 my blog, posters with “Vsemu bova kos” signs, pretty birdie necklaces and very cool collars (I have developed a major crush on those). These collars can be worn as ornamentation or as clever little extras. So my modern Alice had to pay them a visit where she chose Layla Amber cup rings and a “hat”.

But where did Alice go to a tea party? The smell of almonds, chocolate, fresh biscuits, vanilla, tea and coffee took her to Lolita. She was seated in a warm sofa and sent of in her Wonderland, where she satisfied all her senses.

Her Wonderland would never look so glorious if there wasn’t a perfect sunshine to go with it. Special thanks to Peter Prevec for brightening Lolita’s environment, so Alice could succumb to all its charms.

For documenting all the fun Alice had at her tea party Žiga Zupančič took care of the professional photographing and Matic Prusnik for filming the whole memory of the special event.

Organisation of the photo shoot and styling by me.

Special thanks to:

Žiga Zupančič – Photographer – Post Production

Matic Prusnik – Video

Peter Prevec  – Director of Photography –

Patisserie Lolita  – Dada Jerovšek and Draga Kepeš

Martina BorščakMake up

Viki Leški – Anastasia Beverly Hills – Alexhair and body line

Klavdija Fortuna – Hair – Mič Styling Rimska

Matej Prinčič – Mič Styling Rimska

Mother – for the beautiful gown by Mojca Makuc

Jana Koteska and Cute – Leggings

Barbara K. GermNecklace and rings

Babushka BoutiqueHair accessory and cup rings

Marjeta Grošelj – Handbags – Tavčarjeva 4


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