Auckland and Titirangi in one day

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Here are some snapshots I made from my one day excursion to Auckland’s Orakei Basin and Titirangi.

The morning was still, clear and sunny causing the reflections on the water to be almost perfect. Orakei basin is a tidal lagoon and is in a volcanic crater. It has an explosion crater around 700 m wide, with a surrounding tuff ring. After eruption about 85,000 yrs ago, it became a freshwater lake that had an overflow stream in the vicinity of present Orakei Rd bridge. It was high tide, which we were not expecting. This walk takes you through small patches of bush and up high onto the ridge for a view of the city skyline.

Because it was such a gorgeous day we decided to just drive to Titirangi and have some lunch and just explore the wonderful wilderness. Titirangi is a residential suburb located 13 kilometres to the southwest of the Auckland city centre, at the southern end of the Waitakere Ranges. In Maori language “Titirangi” means “long streaks of cloud in the sky”, but this is often given as “fringe of heaven”. I found a small beach hidden from the roads and crowds … just gorgeous. Also the roads take you through beautiful rain forests and amazing fresh air. The most special features of Titirangi are the houses. It is characterised by houses built within the native bush of the Waitakere Ranges. Many are of unusual design or are raised on poles to avoid the damp.


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