Bad hair day? Not with Eco Friendly Haircare


We’ve done the healthy food and we’ve done the face-care… All thats left is our haircare!

As I’ve mentioned in my recent post on skincare, I’ve finally found something that suits my skin and thats the natural eco skincare Herbfarmacy. The next step for revamping my beauty and skincare routine was my hair. This is a whole different story. My hair is coloured and very oily, especially in winter season and don’t get me started with New Zealand humidity, sometimes I feel like I’m rushing to a Lion King casting – me being the lion. So no, I’m not one of those that wakes up with gorgeous silky hair that shine in the morning sun and have a slow motion wave in the wind… So choosing something natural that works with my type of hair was a misson.

But! I’ve found my favourite product. Unique Beauty had found it’s way into my bathroom and my daily routines. Don’t worry they have a variety of products for any type of hair. Below are three of my favourites! Not only does Unique Beauty have very good products that actually work they are also organic, fair-trade, sustainable, cruelty and the best of all it’s produced with 100% wind energy! How about that?!

Unique Beauty is a Danish company offering certified organic hair and bodycare of paramount exclusivity and quality. Based on the simple philosophy and all-embracing principles of profound sustainability and natural beauty science, Unique Beauty enables advanced beauty and environmental friendliness to join forces.

The key ingredient in Unique Beauty products is the locally sourced and renewable ingredient, whey, which ensures extremely high contents of protein, vitamins and minerals. In every product category nature’s most effective active ingredients are chosen in order to ensure uncompromised effectiveness of every product.

And because on the 22.4. we are celebrating Earth day, you can use my coupon and get a beautiful gift!

Coupon: terezainpomlad



 It leaves my hair wonderfully soft and easy to comb through, while Organic Danish milk proteins nourish and strengthen every straw of hair. It’s anti-colour fading an adds strength to my hair!


This is pure magic for damaged hair requiring extra care, like mine. After I apply this it makes it wonderfully cashmere soft and shiny.


 This luxury conditioner is great for protecting your hair, reducing frizz and adding a beautiful, healthy shine to it.  This fabulous conditioner with organic, fair trade shea butter and organic sunflower oil leaves your hair softer.


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