Best Cafés in Wellington


I wanted to write this post for so long! Now I finally have the chance. While in Wellington I spent all of my pennies on trying out homemade desserts and of course coffee! All my coffee bean friends this will be a treat post for you 😉

In Wellington you can get the most amazing coffee there is! I’ve been to many Italian cafes, but by far I tasted the best coffee right here in New Zealand. This Wellington cafe energy is considered as a social hub for intellectuals and bohemian hipsters discussing their latest ideas, as well as essential meeting places for would-be lovers.

Here are my top 4 cafes in Wellington:

1. On the first place is definitely Memphis Belle. Their coffee can make an everyday morning routine into something more: good coffee and atmosphere, the tangible and the more abstract. Even their name is imbued with an inherent sense of nostalgia, a feeling that transforms your breakfast and a cup of coffee into your own little sanctuary. I loved their breakfast croissant and Chemex! The staff was absolutely amazing, making me feel like a coffee princess 😉 Thank you again for the incredible tasty caffeine experience!

2. The second place goes to Fidel’s Cafe.This place was very close to my hotel so I was a four day regular. Situated on the fun Cuba Street where you’ll find venues with names like Havana, Floriditas, Fidels… you get the picture. At Fidel’s I also encountered an amazing coffee, apple porridge and cream, fudge brownie with Vanilla ice-cream and yummy Haloumi salad.

3. The third place goes to Milk Crate. When it comes to choosing a favourite café, the decisions we make are intensely personal, often carrying with them memories of pivotal experiences, chance meetings or simply the unwavering promise of a decent cup of coffee. Here it was all that put together (adding a homemade granola and organic honey yogurt with berries = perfect!)

4. Fourth place goes to Sweet Mother’s Kitchen which is not actually a cafe, but serves very good coffee and also a full restaurant menu. It is known for its PIES, in addition to award winning milkshakes! Add a group of friends, a diverse menu and a homey feel, and you’ve got yourself a pretty great place to hang out. Here is where my sugar detox began! 🙂


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