Birthday Brunch at Little Bird Organics


Sorry for not posting for a while, but I’m moving again this week and it has been crazy. As I wrote in my previous post, my favourite place here in New Zealand is the one and the only Little Bird Organics … Now, there is actually two! They have opened a much bigger cafe in lively Ponsoby.

So where would Teresamisu celebrate her birthday with her friends, where she could have cake without feeling guilty? Little Bird Organics, perfect! It ‘s an eatery serving uncooked, all-raw and organic foods. For many that sounds very unappealing, but let me tell you, it was by far the most delicious meal I had! So healthy and nutritious.

For my starter I had a cold pressed green juice. Broccoli, ginger, kale and many other yummy greens. Cold pressed juices are made by newer juicers that extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. Because they don’t produce as much heat, they keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact.

First step you make in Little Bird, you are immediately drwan to the sweet counter that looks just divine! The newly opened healthy eatery looked light and fresh, which made you feel the same inside and out. The warm and homy design fits perfectly with the wholesome Little Bird philosophy.

We had to be dragged away from those irrisitable sugar, gluten-free cakes and sat down at our table. Their whole menu is quite unusual and it’s very hard to pick. We were leaning back and forth peeking curiously what others had on their plates. Every single dish was uncooked and organic. My main was their famous Bird Bowl, a generous serving of a mix of salads (Marined Kale, half of Avocado, Tahini sauce, Kelp Noodels, Sprouts, kimchi, Wild rice, Millet  etc.)

My friends had their famous raw bagels – made from nuts, coconut and yoghurt – combined with portobello mushrooms, spinach and creamy hollandaise (vegan of course). It was absolutely surreal – a unbaked bread that tastes delicious!

Still sounds boring or flavourless? Believe me – it’s not. The (un)bakery produces myriad taste delights, none of which you would expect to find in a “health food” store. Their meals are astonishingly filling, but did I hear someone say birthday cake?!? Oh yes.

From berry chocolate brownies to berry coconut slice, hazelnut truffles to cheesecakes, there are treats to tempt everyone! Since it was a celebration we decided to try out almost … well everything.

We had a Strawberry raw cake, Raspberry cake, Choc-Berry cake, Apple Crumble with raw Coconut yogurt and a Raw Choc-Hazelnut cookie.

All the cakes and slices are made from organic ingredients and they are as pretty as they are tastyand healthy.  Did we indulge? Definetly! But with addition of making our insides glow with good health!


I’m very happy that I’ve met the  little birdie who is making us realize that the best food is simply raw, organic and full of the good stuff. 

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