Birthday Girl in New Zealand


So I’ve been asked a lot what I’ve been up to in New Zealand the last 4 months, and there is a lot to tell, but no time for Skyping each and every one. So this post is dedicated to all of you who I just couldn’t contact because of the major 10 hour difference and arranging my new life in Kiwi land.

As I wrote before already, I did 25 days of travelling around New Zealand which was absolutely too short and cold! So summertime is reserved for possibly going again with a cute old van and just my swimming suits! Yes, summer is coming! 1st of September we celebrated the first day of spring. To be honest, it sent a lot of rain our way, but a lot of warm sunshine as well… Did I mention New Zealand weather is weird?

Life in New Zealand is undeniably most pleasant, but the cost of living in New Zealand is high — often quite inexplicably so. I’ve been reminded of this fact each and every day trying to find accommodation for myself. Living alone was not an option, so I’ve been on a search for roommates, which was mission impossible as well. Just imagine – finding an ok house, ok price, ok roommates, ok location = impossible!

But a ray of light came my way; I was asked by a lovely family to house sit their house and take care of their cat while they are away. Perfect! My new home for 3 months is on gorgeous North Shore, Castor Bay with an incredibly cuddly cat named Buddy. Mornings are delightful with a view on the sea and evenings are exciting because I have a kitchen all to myself! My move was 2 months ago and it went by so fast!

On the day I accepted to watch over the house I also got a job offer very close to my new house, unbelievable, I know! I’m now working at a big company as a Marketing Coordinator. My days are based on a lot of learning, exercising whenever I can and finding time to prepare my true passion – healthy, whole, raw foods.

What have I experienced in Auckland? Here are some of bits and pieces of interesting events I’ve encountered.

  • Every now and then I indulge in Auckland’s culinary scene which has a lot to offer, but you have to be veeery careful with your choice of restaurant. One of my favourites are Ortolana, Milse, Café Hanoi, Wise Cicada, Little Bird Organics, Food Truck, Ugly Bagels, Depot Eatery, Organic PortSide and Everybody’s Izakaya. But I’ll have a post dedicated specially to that.
  • I’ve interviewed a Raw Chef who is keen on helping to introduce me to the world of “Raw Business”
  • 6 lovely ladies are keeping me busy every now and then for Friday drinks, dancing and all of the shenanigans that go with it 🙂
  • I have the most amazing colleagues who are down for any adventure, wine tastings or even introducing me to Oysters!
  • I smashed my dad’s car twice in two weeks.
  • I was a part of the New Zealand’s Fashion Week, but only as a representer of our company, which was different. (More about that on another post).

Photo by Krissy Dwyer

  • I was a part of the Global Citizen Movement as a “cameragirl” and met so many talented people who kindly involved me in this amazing charity organisation. It was also the time and place where a incredibly  sincere and deep friendship started. It was that kind of situation when all you’re saying is “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .” 🙂
  • Yesterday was my Birthday! First birthday in New Zealand, but also first Birthday without my closest ones by my side.

The novelty, the romance, the excitement of living in a new country has, still not subsided — it is inevitable, I suppose that the honeymoon will end sooner or later, and New Zealand will, eventually, just feel like home. But there is one big part of me missing which has to be shipped as soon as possible for me to start treating New Zealand as part of my world. But in the process, I came to notice, came to be aware of, the nuances of New Zealand and of life here that make it a place apart. But this has been a subtle process, a slow and gentle developing of awareness, one that I hardly even realised that is happening.

To be honest, I’d been feeling ever so slightly jaded about being away from home. So while encountering some deep homesickness I still find New Zealand quite incredible. This is a place not mainly for doing; it’s a place of being. New Zealand might not have historic streets or old washed out paintings – no, it has energy, mix of people, nature!  And it isn’t a place I would love to live in because of the sights. After all, while Sydney has, without doubt, a much more magnificent Harbour Bridge than Auckland, one can only spend so long staring at a bridge before one has to return to one’s life, and that is where New Zealand shines. Life here is slow, and it is built around people. This is, clearly, a country built on a human scale, for human life.


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