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It’s not all about healthy food, active living and meditation… Your skin is a very big part of your well being as well. I received countless questions what products do I use for my daily skin care and I’m proud to say I’ve been incredibly satisfied with Herbfarmacy Organic Skin Care.


This brand is such a positive world of its own! Herbfarmacy is a British skincare brand, committed to creating only fresh, certified organic and cruelty-free products. Tucked away in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside is a unique organic herb farm and the setting for the creation of the beautiful Herbfarmacy skincare range. The creator of this buzzing brand is Paul Richards whose goal was to always maintain organic no matter what. They are proud that their herbs are all carefully grown and handpicked when at their freshest, to ensure they are as potent and effective as possible. With over 30 years’ experience, it’s easy to understand why herbfarmacy is now an award-winning leader in the world of organic skincare.

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Available till 28th February 2016


This is how my daily cleansing routine looks like (every morning and evening):

  1. Wash off cleansing mousse

A deep cleansing mousse containing soothing Chamomile and Marshmallow and essential oils of Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang. It actually gets rid of all my make up including mascara using the gentle cotton cloth and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or oily which is perfect for my skin!

2. Rose & Echinacea toner

Naturally refreshing and gently astringent, provides a good skin tonic with an uplifting beautiful aroma.

3.  Just eyes

Fragrance-free rejuvenating cream enlivens and nurtures the skin around the eyes and is especially suitable for sensitive eyes. Great for women my age who are in their mid twenties and are terrified to see any minor wrinkles!

4. Divine light face cream

Use as day cream after cleansing and toning the skin. My skin loves this cream. I usually used only coconut oil, but it left my skin feeling a bit oily. With this divine face cream my skin feels smooth and soft.

5. Exfoliating cleanser (sometimes)

Great for everyday use for oily skin or once a week for dry skin. A beautiful and gentle exfoliator with marshmallow and apricot kernel oils, jojoba beads and white clay. I use it as a mask sometimes and just leave it for 15 minutes and than wash it off. My skin is noticeably clearer after every use.

They have a great range for every skin type, have a peak and maybe there is something you would like to try. I also have great news for you, you can get a 10% discount on any products on this page! 

Get a 10% discount off everything using my code: tereza


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