Coromandel backpacking: Day 5


Back in Auckland heading to beautiful Coromandel. The bus left at 9:30 AM and ww wasted some time showing other passengers Auckland city, than chilled at a supermarket for another 1 hour, which was a total bummer. I wanted to go to Coromandel!!! We arrived there at 4:0o PM.

Once I got there I was just amazed, all those wasted hours were forgotten! We stayed at the most beautiful hostel I’ve ever been. Perfect Hot Water Beach Accommodation is called Hot Water Beach TOP 10 – the only holiday park at Hot Water Beach – is located just 700 metres from one of the top surf beaches on the stunning Coromandel Peninsula. It has amazing deluxe suites or shared bedrooms.

What to do in Coromandel?

Cathedral CoveMarine Reserve, Te Whanganui- A-Hei, covers 9 square kilometres and is New Zealand’s sixth marine reserve. This site was chosen for a marine reserve because of the rich and varied habitats associated with the coastline and outlying islands.Reefs of hard rock, soft sediments, intricate caves and underwater arches provide homes for complex communities of plants, crustaceans, molluscs and fish. Accessible only on foot, boat or kayak, famous Cathedral Cove is one of the “must visit” sites on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Whitianga is located on the east coast of the Coromandel, Mercury Bay’s main town of Whitianga has attracted visitors for more than a thousand years, since Maori explorer Kupe first settled here around 950A.D. But it was Captain James Cook who gave the area its name, when he anchored in the bay in 1769 to observe the transit of Mercury.

After roaming around this incredible place I’ve made my backpacking dinner – brown rice, veggies and organic baked beans, while others indulged in nachos with minced beef.

After dinner the main fun activity was on schedule! Hot Water Beach! A truly unique Kiwi experience that every New Zealander should experience at least once in their lifetime! An underground river of hot water flows from the interior of the earth to surface in the Pacific Ocean at Hot Water Beach – a long beautiful white beach located between Tairua and Whitianga. So what do you have to do? Using your bare hands or a spade, dig your own Hot Pool! The hot springs are only accessible at low tide, however more often than not two hours each side of low tide, will still provide you with an opportunity to dig your own spa. YES! I was soaking in the middle of winter in the middle of the beach in a Hot Pool looking at the stars! Amazing! The only minor hiccup I had was forgetting my swimsuit – oh well, it was dark, I had my black panties on, who cares – hop in! 😉

Next stop – WAITOMO!



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