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Do you remember when I was just blown away by the beautiful cosmetics line Herbfarmacy? Well I have good news for you! See below…


It’s not all about healthy food, active living and meditation… Your skin is a very big part of your well being as well. I received countless questions what products do I use for my daily skin care and I’m proud to say I’ve been incredibly satisfied with Herbfarmacy Organic Skin Care.

This brand is such a positive world of its own! Herbfarmacy is a British skincare brand, committed to creating only fresh, certified organic and cruelty-free products. Because I’m the biggest fan of this line we are doing a special promotion with Via Naturalis!

If you buy Herbfarmacy (over 39 EUR) you will receive a beafutiful gift! One of the following:

Herbfarmacy Balm for face, body and lips (15g)

Mallow Beauty Balm

Skin Rescue Balm

Meadowsweet Balm 

Lip Balm


Available till 8th March


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