DIY Advent wreath – Adventni venčki


Such a nice evening we had making advent wreaths for charity in Waldorf school in Ljubljana. We were making it all by ourselves and it’s not an easy task at all!

Firstly you have so many different options and we just blankly searched around. Luckily we started concentrating and got an inspiration by designer Mojca Makuc and florist/agronomist Srečko Blas – Daphne. We decided are goal is to make an advent wrath of health (Venček Zdravja), since we are very grateful that we can spend our Christmas holidays as a healthy, happy, sometimes crazy family.

We found some beautiful Cinnamon sticks, a pink strap, anise and a beautiful gold candle. We added some dried apples and decorated it with a few anise’s . This was my first time making something like this… and I have to embarrassingly admit – my first time holding a glue gun. 🙂 But everything went smoothly, I didn’t glue my fingers together nor my mothers. For the finishing touch we added a glass pink ribbon made by Barbara K. Germ, and voila! We made our first pink advent wreath of health.

I know right now you just fell in love  with are cute wreath and you must have it on your door, so let me tell you a secret! You can actually buy it on a Christmas fair in Waldorf school 1st of December, before the first Advent Sunday. Everything goes to charity of course. There will be lectures and workshops for children, where they will learn and make different Christmas decorations.

HO HO HO, I just adore this jolly time!

Photos by many! 😉 Me & Siol & Mediaspeed

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