Dolphin Cruise to the Hole in the Rock: Day 3


Visiting a “Hole in the rock!” which is literally exactly what it means. Originally it is called Piercy Island, but now its often known simply as “The Hole in the rock”. It is at the very northern tip of Cape Brett in the Bay of Islands. The island is more of a rock, barren only having gannets and other sea birds to call it home.

The island itself was named Piercy Island by Captain Cook, I think it’s called after his “boss”. But in Maori in honour of one of the Lords of the Admiralty – it is called Motukōkako.

The 60-foot (18 m) hole at sea level was created over centuries by wind and waves making it one of the most naturally beautiful sites in New Zealand.

As being a typical Teresamisu tourist I of course couldn’t wait to see this popular destination. Not just because of the Hole, which we went right through it, but also because of dolphins and seals! Yes very girly, but also very spectacular to see dolphins in their own natural habitat. I also signed up for swimming with them (yes I know the water has 14 degrees this time of the year! Common – dolphins!), but as we saw them while they were resting, we weren’t allowed to bother them… Oh well, maybe next time 🙂

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