End of Cooking Show Season 1



Where do I start? I think with a simple thank you! Thank you for watching our first season, for supporting us, for working with us and last but not least for believing in our dream.

It’s been quite an incredible culinary journey. Over the past 6 months we’ve met some very special people with interesting stories, we had a lot of downs but even more ups! It was definitely a roller coaster ride, which I can’t wait to jump on again!

What’s next you might ask? In two months you will be able to have your own copy of a cooking book Zdravo, Tereza! It will include all the recipes and stories behind the scenes from the show. It will not be your ordinary book, but a travelling cooking book. Stay tuned! And don’t worry you will be seeing us on TV screens again!

A not so short thank you note is needed!

I’m incredibly proud of our team for creating and working so hard day in and day out. Thank you to my partner in crime Žiga Zupančič who lives and breathes this project with me and never rests until he reaches his vision. He constantly amazes me with his determination for getting the perfect shot, perfect cut and narrative.

Thank you to the most talented Matic Prusnik who is always prepared to go that extra mile, he was up very long hours and did all it took to make the show look absolutely fantastic from filming, editing, designing, color grading to correcting my grammar mistakes 😉

The unstoppable Blueroom!

A big thank you also goes to our incredible New Zealand production team – Eddy Fifield, who found his way around a set with three Slovenians constantly talking in Slovenian, never complained and always had a positive energy, Priscilla Northe, for her unique photography skills, calmness and help that was crucial in very stressful situations, Grace Watson, who was always there, stayed extra hours, took incredible photos and made me a garlicky potion when I was very sick, Jessica Silk, who covered all my sleepless nights and worries with her skillful brushes and conversations early mornings, Cristian Rodriguez, who took care of the animation part so the show looked even sexier and Nicola.

Thank you also to the whole POP TV team for your positivity and hard work! Special thanks to Branko, who gave us the creative freedom to create something very special. Blaž, Ula and Iva for our fun emails and coffee (lemonade) chats. Also thank you to Uroš, David, Tomaž, Maruša, Meta, Tatjana, just to name a few.

I haven’t forgotten about the amazing collaboration with The Produce Company, thank you Lyndon for picking up the phone even on the weekends! Thank you to the most eclectic and creative salon Darc Hair – for me the best hair salon in Auckland. Thank you to David from Chantal Organics for making sure that my kitchen always stays organic. Special thanks to OOOOBY for always surprising me with your delicious local produce.

Finally thank you to Syza  from ITZME for her AMAZING garments and aprons!

Thank you all back at home for your lovely support! We can’t wait to cook some more for you!

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