My first cookbook is published!



A few years ago I wouldn’t even imagine screaming this sentence: “my first cookbook is published!”.

You’ve read correctly (or maybe even heard me screaming from New Zealand!) the book is here and available for purchase. (only available in Slovene… for now).

Order the book here


The first 12 purchases will be awarded with beautiful Teresamisu gadgets!

My new book Zdravo, Tereza! is for everyone who wants easy, wholesome and affordable eating that is nutritious and delicious. It’s all about eating very simple, going back to the basics, but with my additional twist to the food always making it fun! No diets, just healthy flavoursome food making you happier, healthier and energised.

The book is packed with recipes that I absolutely adore and constantly make in the kitchen. From flourless green pizza, vegan patties to rich chocolate cakes. From the start till the end the book takes you on a adventure through New Zealand and behind the scenes filming the cooking show Zdravo, Tereza from POPTV the work of an incredible team Blueroom Production.

This book wouldn’t happen without the most talented people around me some Kiwis some Slovenian – the perfect mix for a pretty book! Thank you to all of your hard work.

Special thanks to HercogMartini for making the book look absolutely stunning! Also to Matic Prusnik for his wizzard design brain. And my partner in crime Žiga Zupančič for his endless support.

A massive thank you to my super-mum Barbara Drnač and bestfriend Liza Kasal for overseeing the sales.

Photography: Žiga Zupančič, Priscilla Northe, Grace Watson and Tereza Poljanič 

Design, preparation for print and additional illustration: HercogMartini

Design and illustration: Matic Prusnik

Post-production: Dan Ax

Editing: Tina Bernik and Simona Ana Radez

Print: PRIMA d.o.o.


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