First impressions of New Zealand

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Finally I’ve got some photos to show you guys. There isn’t much of me in them, because my better half of photography is in Slovenia 😉 Here are my first impressions of New Zealand…

First impressions are lasting impressions, as the saying goes and so far they’ve been quite positive. The first week was incredibly confusing (not only because of the jet leg and the wrong side of driving) but also because of the culture here, which is quite different than Slovenia. There are a lot of different nationalities mixed here, I think they are very open to new/different people. I get glances at the streets, which I haven’t quite figured out yet – are they looks of amusement or just looks of a passer.

Of course the first thing you notice in New Zealand is the scenery. The surroundings and environment is just gorgeus. The first ever glimpse of the sea from the plane when landing into Auckland was my most memorable one. But the thing I most noticed is that New Zealand is clean and green and the stark difference in weather – in one day you can get 5 minutes of a storm, crazy sunshine, clouds and wind.

To those New Zealand people that I had direct contact with made a strong impression; their helpfulness and friendliness was particularly noticed. They don’t mind chatting with a stranger and just taking time to get to know them. I like that there are a lot of people here enjoying their time alone and just reading a book in a park or a cafe.

Speaking of cafes! Vegetarians, vegans or raw enthusiasts  – you would love it here! There are so many cafe’s and restaurants with variety of different healthy meals. Don’t get me wrong there is much to much of junk food as well. But the options for healthy desserts is just endless. Gluten free bread is almost in every restaurant or cafe, smoothies, coffee with almond milk – you name it and you’ll get it here.

These are my short impressions of this new land for me – right now I’m exploring Auckland and searching for a TV job. I enrolled in a really nice fitness, looking for yoga classes as well and I’m probably doing a raw chef uncooking class 😉 Now I have the time! Yipee

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