Flatform sneakers and a cozy sweater


The long-running debate about the relative merits of high heels versus flat shoes is already familiar; but it seems to me that a new argument has recently presented itself. Yes, flatform sneakers are alive! Since Spice girls broke up they took the flatform sneakers with them. Luckily the sneakers are back from the dead proudly showing off on the streets. My feet are very happy too, just because I am actually wearing sneakers and still feel a bit high.

They were perfect with a white shirt and a cozy sweater. One thing my mother taught me about buying sweaters: “Always look at the fabric tag! You don’t want to be wearing a acrylic sweater that makes you feel sweaty or in cold days doesn’t make you feel warm.” In all honesty, I can’t see the point of wearing a sweater made out of synthetic fiber; indeed, I prefer a sturdy, vintage hand-me-down woolen or cotton than a flimsier new nylon and viscose jumper. Believe me you can find it for the same price you just have to be cautious. If you’d prefer to search for the real thing – whether vintage, handmade or new – it’s best to search in small boutiques or big stores when they have mega discounts. This green cotton sweater is from Mango, it’s a XXL size, but who cares; the fabric is right, looks good even if oversized and feels warm.

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