Florence in three days


Day three in Florence is the day were you can just relax, because you’ve seen all there is to see… Well not quite 😉 What was left out?

1. Ponte Vecchio is a unique 14th century bridge over river Arno and it has been crammed with expensive jewellery shops for 500 years. There is are really interesting story to this bridge. It was originally filled with butchers but they were evicted by one of the Medici rulers who couldn’t stand the smell. His private passageway from the Uffizi (when it was government offices) to the Pitti Palace (the family home) passed overhead. It is a incredible bridge that has to be admired from afar. Even the Nazis appreciated its beauty in World War II. They were blowing up bridges to slow the Allies advance but couldn’t bring themselves to destroy the Ponte Vecchio – they took down either end instead.

2. Museo Galileo, many don’t visit this incredible museum of Galileo, but since my dearest is a really big fan, we decided that to us this was the most important museum of them all. The museum is near the Ponte Vecchio and to the Uffizi gallery. Among the more famous of its collections is the middle finger from the right hand of Galileo Galilei (we couldn’t seem to find it), which was removed when his remains were transported to a new burial spot on 1737. Be prepared to see a lot of amazing telescopes, world globes and different instruments.

3. Pizzale Michelangelo is a short climb up a hill on the edge of the city. The spectacular views are best at the beginning or end of the day. We had a nice cold beer while watching a beautiful sunset shining its last golden rays on the Tuscan tiled roofs and the bridges across the Arno river.

And we are back to the food:

1. Trattoria Anita at 2 Via del Parlascio, close to Santa Croce. Best for lunch deals, many locals eat here. On Thursday they make their homemade lasagna.

2. Osteria il Buongustai at Via del Cerchi 15R, also best to go for lunch where you can enjoy fresh italian home cooked meals.

3. Perche No! Another great gelato spot! Five scoops of ice cream? Perche no?! 😉



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