Florence in two days


Here are some more tips on sightseeing in Florence day two. Don’t forget about checking out the restaurants I suggested, we really did a study on them – with our tummies 😉

In Florence there are too many museums so choose wisely:

1. Uffizi holds the world’s premier collection of Renaissance art. It is essentially a long U-shaped corridor with series of rooms running off it, and the gallery cleverly sets its 1700 works out in an approximate date order so you can trace the movement’s development and influence.

2. Il Bargello is holding the originals of all the famous copies that get more notice around Florence’s piazzas.

3. Piazza della Signoria is a expansive chis space in front of Florence’s fortress-like town hall and is the heart of the city’s secular life.

4. San Lorenzo market. If you are a freak on leather this is a place to be! Leather jackets, bags, gloves, everything leather! But be careful many items can be damaged. Don’t be scared to bargain, they are very though, because they have many customers, just keep your foot down 😉

Yummy food:

1. I Fratellini is the place with best panini! The cheerful guys stuffed behind the counter make small round sandwiches (€2.50 each) at the speed of light. Choose from a long list of options. Don’t forget to order a “bicchiere” of the house wine for only €1. You can rest it on the shelves hanging on the wall while you eat. I Fratellini is a strictly street food place, so be prepared to eat standing. They are located in the centre of Florence – Via dei Cimatori, 38r (near Piazza Signoria)

2. Vivoli il Gelato, are you up for some more delicious gelato? Here they have a homemade gelato worth every kilo that you gain with it. The shop must be doing something right since its been in business since the grandfather of the present owner began his own dairy, specially for making gelato, in the 1930s. Say it with me “Gelaaaatooo!”

 Photos by Žiga Zupančič



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