Galerija Emporium: Spring collection


On Friday we had a fashionable spring breakfast at Galerija Emporium. Where  journalists, stylists and fashion editors came to take a peek at a brand new spring collection and colourful high fashion store.

My camera stopped at the new Kenzo collection, which thankfully moved a dash away from angry tigers. Escada fulfilled all my expectations… again! Many delightful manly oxfords or brogues caught my attention. Even though brogues are as British as tweeds, they are also at ease with Ljubljana’s urban fashion, while retaining their status as indisputable countryside classics.

Moving onto Slovenian designers I was glad to see some of our own in a elite store like this. Nelzibeta showing of the young eccentric woman, Terra Urbana presented a collection with a wonderful story of planet Earth and Mrs. Vodeb with her collection that looked like a treasure you would discover at your grandmothers closet, but without the dust.

But soon I came to realise that a horrific fashion offence happened right there in front of me. A unknown name started selling the exact same glass jewellery as Barbara K. Germ. First when I saw the colourful glass designs, I said to myself “Oh, look Barbara K. Germ expanded her collection for Emporium as well. ” How incredibly wrong I was! It might be a world full of colors, but the fashion world does have a gray zone in which we can find felines and copycats — those who inspire as opposed to those who imitate. Urša Zrnec fully copied already a very known Slovenian designer Barbara K. Germ. The most identical design is a necklace with a leather collar and glass pendant, and many more… A information that struck me even harder was, that Zrnec was also a frequent customer at Germ’s designer shop.

I never understood the logic of fakes, if you can’t afford it, why buy a fake? Because it’s a trend? Rather deepen your creativity and find a original not so expensive designer piece. The only thing that is always in trend is the ability to think for yourself. But this goes way beyond faking and copying.

On the positive side this just means a free promotional campaign for Barbara. Sooner or later, people would be curious enough to find the original versions. 😉

I will add some photos with exact copies in the next week. Here are two from the archive.

By Urša Zrnec

Mother wearing original BK Germ








All in all I had a lovely morning with fellow bloggers, some of them vegans – AllaroundEve, some of them sweet tooth’s – Anže Frantar & Ajda Sitar… I decided to say no to that pesky little booty-gaining muffins!


Photos by me and Eva Ana Kazič, others by Galerija Emporium

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