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My hubby had his birthday this weekend and what better way to celebrate it than an active cycling day around Bohinj, doing a bit of yoga, and taking him to the newly opened Garden Village Bled. This is a truly neat experience, sleeping in a tent over the loud stream and singing of the birds… Organic dinner, morning yoga, swimming in the stream… So Teresamisu!

The Garden Village Bled provides all the grandeur of traditional earthy design with the warm welcome and exuberant service one can expect when visiting Slovenia. Warm interiors are supplemented with subtle wood finishings, reflecting a contemporary version of a green family camping getaway.

The village offers a plethora of dining options from traditional Slovenian cuisine to green juices and smoothies from their own garden all set within appropriately designed restaurant. Dining and snacks are available around the living infinity pool with surrounding fruit trees. The Garden Village Resort has different water sources, its own water borehole drinking water (with a constant temperature of 15 °C) and the river that flows from Lake Bled (heated up to 26 °C ), which gives the resort its own drinking water, water for the pool with kneipp therapy and reflex foot massage, swimming in the stream with a natural waterfall massage, a swimming pool with an ‘infinity’ edge and a fishing pond.

As the name suggests, the motif for the Garden Village is a is an entirely ecologically and innovatively designed complex, built over an abandoned gardening space, where eco-conscious guests can stay in. With its own resource of electricity from photocells, well with drinkable water, heat pump for warmth, charging stations for electric vehicles and greenhouse, it also produces its own fruit, vegetables, herbs and shrubs. The garden-style design of the resort means that the communal areas reside in beautiful natural surroundings.

Imagine… anywhere there is space, you can find strawberries or fresh fruit that you can snack on. Just pick it, give it a wash and indulge! They even have fresh herbs on your dining table, so when you get your drink, don’t be shy, just pick that mint and mix it in your Garden Village Cocktail. There is also a large and energetic staff force there, eager to take care of your every want and need.

They also have a greenhouse with facilities for processing harvested goods into finished products (jams, juices, spirits, ointments, dried products and more), which will all be available in their organic shop. When building the complex, they have used only nature-friendly materials, wooden surfaces are constructed entirely from local wood, mainly larch. Their resort participates in sustainable practices and their staff is working hard to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

The stay includes a breakfast as well, where I would preferred seeing more organic and locally produced goods. Maybe adding a few signs stating information from which farm the cheese/milk/meats/eggs or breads are made.  In that way supporting Slovenian farmers and bringing awareness on eating and buying local.

We were sleeping in a piers tent which are equipped with large beds and electric outlet. We were greeted with a lovely happy birthday note and a bottle of champagne. The exterior is simple, even primal, while the interior is stylish, designed for comfort and relaxation. The simple minimalist style encourages a zen experience. Bedrooms aren’t styled so much as furnished, but comfortably so, and the mood is calming. It was a really unforgettable experience!

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