Good Food Festival in Dubrovnik


A quick update from my incredible culinary trip to Croatia – Dubrovnik! I was invited by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board to come and teach two workshops for their annual Good Food Festival. The whole experience was very special for me just because I’m half Croatian (my father is from Dubrovnik) and have been visiting my grandmother in Dubrovnik my whole childhood in summer. This was something completely new as I was going to Dubrovnik for work this time and to teach my fellow Dubrovnik people all about healthy food in Croatian language!

I have stayed in Dubrovnik for five beautiful sunny days – I even went swimming with cheap swimsuits bought for 2 euros there, obviously I didn’t think things through, but who the hell is dipping in the sea in the middle of October!? Being here, immersed with the locals, visiting my nona (grandma), eating delicious Mediterranean food and embracing the different characters, I’ve met half of my Croatian side again – that is a bit crazy, sometimes bitchy, painfully straightforward, but always warm hearted.

The first three days were all about meeting and greeting Croatian chefs (and making some goofy boomerangs with them), learning and tasting traditional Dubrovnik desserts (well hello there cheat days!) and full on preparing for my two workshops.

The third day my dear “momager” or Slovenian Kris Jenner (she hates it when I call her that, sorry mom) arrived to help me out. The big day was finally here and we were completely sold out and fully booked for both of my workshops! It was incredibly overwhelming but at the end of it all I couldn’t be happier. I’m proud, humbled and even more determined to bring Teresamisu and Zdravo, Tereza! (Healthy, Tereza!) to Croatia and all around the world. From now on you can call me a “culinary globetrotter, healthy nomad or even part time boomerang queen“.

Photos by Ana Mihalić

More photos coming soon!

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