I Saw Sparks


Ah Coldplay… Where should I start?

Lets say that things of course don’t always happen the way we wish they could, and in that times Coldplay help inspire and heal. There were moments in life when I just couldn’t understand why this is happening and right then, Coldplay were in my ears very loud, kind of telling me to stay strong.

Many of us wait for miracles that don’t happen, opportunities that don’t manifest but we have to understand that we are joining a battle that makes us wiser and each defeat is actually a conquest in our favor. I realized this in tough times, I guess many experiences force us to grow and pay attention to details in life which you normally overlook. Sometimes the Universe is working in its own way and is not favoring our so called »plans« so the best way to collaborate is to pay attention, listen to the simple  things in life like the sunset, different people in the streets and the music of nature.

My music, my meditation  are very often Coldplay, it may sound silly but with them I just take time and stop the rush in life, I sit, look around, smell and feel.  To show my gratitude to them I knew I had to pay them a visit – on a concert of course. Mylo Xyloto tour was just an amazing experience. They combined so may frequencies at their concerts, it was just a mind blower.  We all had colorful wristbands which flickered to the rhythm of the music, make you sync with them and become the biggest part of the concert. Adding the energy of  75.000 people, the music and the lyrics that you can relate to, equals to a weeping fest in the middle of the concert. Yes yes I cried my soul out and I think I cleansed myself of many negative and silly thoughts.

So Coldplay thank you for making me strong in my moments of weakness, for making me relax, even if it was not the time to relax, for making me fight when it was time to fight my battles and for making me believe that the Universe is still working for me secretly, even if I cannot comprehend it.

Special thanks to Žiga Zupančič for the awesome photos, Mint Cafe, Martina Borščak for the lovely make up and Luka Lokar for the pin up hairstyle.

Sorry that I don’t have any photos from the concert, but my Super Duper camera wasn’t allowed at the stadium, so she patiently waited outside. These were made by my darlings Iphone. Click to enlarge photos.


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