I see heroes – Vidim junake by Urška Košir


For this years charity event Urška Košir imagined heroes of our time who inspire many people. What all heroes have in common is that because of them the world is a better place and much more positive. Their life stories and actions are a great inspiration to many. They remind us to never lose hope, but they teach us that with helping others, change is always possible. In life, despite the challenges and obstacles, we can achieve anything… just like the fairy tales teach us. This year each hero was a mythical creature in the photos, among them was my brave mom who represented a Queen.

Other brave superheroes were Alen Kobilica, Savina Atai, Jana Koteska, Jadranka Juras, Maja Debelak, Aida Demiri and Petra Matos. The most interesting photo was a superman – Alen Kobilica, for which someone offered 1,000 euros. Photo of the glamorous Savina Atai, who depicts the goddess, was sold for 250 euros, photo of the lovely Jana Koteska, went to a tenderer for 200 euros. All other photos will be sold on the so-called silent auction and the money raised will go to Alen Kobilicas center Vidim cilj.

If you are wondering where did they get the beautiful costumes, they were actually made by a Mexican designer Joel Loyo, who in Mexico created for telenovela Rebelde and was led to  Slovenia by love. The magical make-up and hairstyles created Luka Luka, Barbara K. Germ added the extraordinary glass jewelry and Jerneja P. Zhembrovskyy took care of the styling.

These heroes were challenged by a tough life experience which didn’t brake them, but strengthened them. The auction is a lovely gesture to show others to stop for a moment and stop worrying about losing what we have, either it’s our life possession or just materialism which doesn’t make us who we are. The fear evaporates when you are faced with a life experience like these heroes endured. Take a minute and just say thank you for your health and the ability to achieve absolutely anything.

Photos by many 🙂

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