Jana Koteska and her Indian summer


In a fully packed Pilates center in Ljubljana we feasted our eyes on Miro Mišljen’s playful Spring/Summer collection, Ludvik XIV jewelry by Rebecca Nakit and on perfect fall pieces by Jana Koteska. While cruising around with a big delicious cookie in my hand I freezed, what did I see? Leggings!

Statement leggings are one of those overused fashion phrases so familiar that they veer towards the meaningless; still it would be a shame to let this deter us from enjoying the pleasure to wear something so comfy and so fun.
Jana Koteska made this possible for us; she designed crazy leggings and unique tunics, which were inspired by the Indian summer and her own style. She created these affordable pieces in warm colors and Eco friendly materials. Her JK initials were also on mini leather clutches and are probably made for more organized women than I, which I salute (their spines, no doubt, are very thankful too).

Photo by me

Jana as being such a positive and brave woman, for many an inspiration too, I was not surprised that she made such a bright and cheerful collection, that just blows your bad mood away.
Finally, a confession: I have donned leggings for several years, after the demise of hippie jeans that saw me through the primary school into high school. Leggings are practically perfect in every way: stylish, colorful, but not clownish, high waisted/low waisted and in cotton soft as a second skin, that improve with washing (until, unfortunately, they could be darned no longer, after decades of wearing).

Of course I had to buy the most colorful leggings by Jana, and this is how my outfit looked…


Photographer Žiga Zupančič – ziga.zup@gmail.com

Hair by: Matej Prinčič – Mič Styling

  • Leggings: Jana Koteska
  • Shirt: Escada
  • Earrings: Zara
  • Leather jacket: Mango
  • Boots: Hunter
  • Poncho: Vintage

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