Matthew Kenney – Graduation day and Recipe


GRADUATION DAY at Matthew Kenney Cuisine Santa Monica! We did it we successfully finished Level 1. As you can see the post is a bit late because some of us celebrated a tad to hard – Hollywood style. More about that later, lets starts at the beginning.

Our graduation day actually started with a final written exam (which was interesting to write when you have had 1 hour sleep).  Next up was making this incredible creamy carrot soup and last but not least was graduation tiramisu! Of course our class didn’t stop there, we finished up all the leftover ice creams, brownies, cookies… This weekend is cleansing weekend for sure!

After dessert we received our diplomas and kisses, hugs and thank yous. To some we already had to say our goodbyes, which was incredibly tough. The rest of us went for dinner and some crazy Hollywood dancing. We ended up in the craziest bars and clubs, all in all definitely a night to remember!

For all that would like to make a raw tiramisu, here is my recipe.

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  1. Tonya Ogino says:

    Hi! So beautiful people on these photos! I graduated level 1 online and really dream to come to santa Monica for level 2-3 🙂 thank you for sharing your photos and nice blog.

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