Last day in Coromandel Whitianga


Still enjoying the Coromandel getaway pictures. Our trip was finalised at Whitianga, where we last minute decided to stay at this beautiful place on top of the hill called Kaeppeli’s.

Our day was filled with driving around exploring some more beaches; swinging on beach swings and laughing like little kids. I still can’t stress enough how this country inspires me with its beauty and serenity. The energies here are just pure enjoyment when you set foot out of Auckland. Sheep are everywhere, the animals are free to move where ever they want, everything is free range and the climate is perfect for growing produce all year around. The nice thing about having a car here is that you can just hit the road and escape to these indescribable places.

For our dinner we planned to go to the most known pizza place in Whitianga Situated in the laid back village of Kuaotunu. Luke’s Kitchen uses fresh, locally sourced fish, fruit and vegetables to create pizzas, wraps and snacks which have not only locals, but visitors too, queuing out of the door. And let me tell you the queue was literally like that. We were extremely disappointed by their service. They didn’t warn us it’s going to be a 2 hour wait for a ONE take away pizza! Yes 2 hours!!! They didn’t even offer us a free drink or at least chips. By the end we were so hungry that we almost swallowed the whole pizza. I also ordered a salad, 2 hours wait for that as well and they forgot the dressing, I was scared that the dressing will be coming 2 hours later; luckily it was only 15 min (sense the sarcasm?).  Pizza was very good, but not worth the hours spent freezing and listening to a yogi musician.


Going back to our beautiful accommodation Kaeppeli’s B&B run by Jill, a really lovely lady. This charming, elevated accommodation offers a cottage, lodge or home-stay for a peaceful or active holiday. The view is just breath-taking from up there, but the rooms definitely need a big improvement for the price charged. However the one night stay was more than pleasant. We especially enjoyed her breakfast in her panoramic gazebo. The breakfast was a bit small and we didn’t get to try out her well-known wholemeal bread that everyone was raving about.

All in all a very good way to finish a long deserved weekend getaway!

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