Life in Miami


So much to write but so little time…  like always. Right now we are enjoying our last evening in Miami, again it went way to fast! It was very different than Chicago, much more of partying and sunbathing. You can feel the difference right away, here people are much more »Latino« if I can say it like that. Miami is definitely more dirtier on the streets and way more expensive. We went to a casual dinner and end up paying 45$ for two.

Girls beware! A lot of whistling and asking »Where are you from sweetie« is coming your way if your going to Miami. People here are very open and they are not afraid of complementing you. They often just say what they think or ask what they want to know and after a week you really get tired of it. The most frequent question »Where are you form?« »Slovakia?« »Yes of course I know where it is!« … Mhm. Next step »Do you want to party?« »I can take care of you« No need sugar daddy, I can take care of myself.

But this is just the way it is. Single ladies here have a lot of competition, I think all the girls are in the hair salons the whole day, it’s crazy how they are so well groomed. Everything is perfect from nails, hair, make up and clothes. Don’t get me wrong they don’t look cheap, just open for »business« or a billionaire relationship.

Here it’s all about bliss and glamour. Lots of boob and butt showing, money spending and talking about gibberish. But it’s awesome to experience that as well, even more delightful is coming home and being happy about who and what you are.

I will write a lot more, but I seriously have to pack for my flight home so stay tuned!

Photos by: Liza Kasal – Edited by: Žiga Zupančič

  • Leather pants: Bershka
  • Sandals: Steve Madden
  • T-shirt: Urban Outfiters
  • Vest: Zara
  • Bracelets: B.K. Germ

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