London sightseeing: Slightly different


Finally I saw London at it’s finest! When Ljubljana was crowded by clouds and depressive weather, we were enjoying the London sun. It was incredibly cold, but still very impressive… Here is some snapshots of London made mostly by me and a quick London to-do list.

  • Go to the hair greying trip on the world’s slowest roller-coaster (the London Eye).
  • Visit every pub in London, they are full of young people, good food and very good beer. But beware of leaving your wallet there.
  • Try the fatty fish ‘n chips.
  • Shop for unique local designer fashions and accessories.
  • Enjoy a retro shopping experience (Brick Lane, Portobello road).
  • Take a long ride with Victorian sewage system – the Tube.
  • Engage in conversations with English people, and try to understand them ;). It’s funny, but I think even when annoyed or distressed by a lack of tea they will still be polite.
  • Tea time!

This was our first day… Will write more tips soon – Toodle pip!

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