Matthew Kenney Cuisine – Day 2


It’s been another gorgeous day at Matthew Kenney Cuisine. For those of you who are just tuning in, I’m finishing up Day 2 of my 2 months raw food training at Matthew Kenney Cuisine in Santa Monica… and having the time of my life. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights of the day!

I was almost a late chef today, my morning started by preparing my breakfast. Today I decided to whip up a big smoothie with kale, banana, lettuce and almond milk. The short night made me slow, which lead to almost me being late, luckily I have a vintage beach cruiser that helped me not to miss my bus. Yes, I ride my bike to the bus station, which takes about 10-15 minutes and than “clip” my bike onto the bus and relax for another 40 minutes to Santa Monica. I arrived just in time at the academy and started preparing my station.

We had the pleasure of spending the morning with our delightful instructor – Chef Shaun. We started with our knife skills, where we practiced our batonnets, juliennes and dices. Let me tell you that my batonnets looked more like buttons, but Chef Rachel reassured me that with time and practice I will get better if I’m going to be persistent. After our 8 am knife skills hour we moved onto our first recipe!

We have made beet ravioli. This recipe is made out of beetroot, the filling is nut cheese and the dressing was a beautiful yellow peeper sauce (I apologize, but I’m not allowed to reveal the recipe). The whole preparation was a lot of fun, I did fear the mandolin though, as chef Rachel told us a couple of bloody horror stories. After we finished with our food preparation, the peak of my excitement kicked in – food styling. I did it a bit differently and was quite proud of the outcome. Suddenly you could hear clicking through the class and that was the sound of students taking pictures of their plates of course. When everyone was satisfied with their documented picture and plate, we cleaned up and had our meals for lunch… That’s my kind of lunch – fresh, organic and full of flavor!

We concluded our day with preparing another recipe for tomorrow – Raw Lasagna. Each of us created the Macadamia Cheese and Red Bell Pepper Marinara – both very delicious and unusual, I’m very curious to see how the whole assembly will create the fresh wholesome lasagna taste.

After class I did some American style shopping (it is very clear that I’m from Europe and I go crazy by the cheap prices of clothes here) and exploring organic restaurants. This time some of the students and I tried True food Kitchen, where I ordered a Quinoa burger. The bun was made out of quinoa and herbs, filled with hummus, avocado and veggies with a side of kale salad and sweet potato… Did I mention I could eat sweet potato every day, which I’m actually doing since I arrived?

It was time to slowly cruise back home and have an early night. Tomorrow I’m determined to perfect my buttons… I mean batonnets. 😉

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