Matthew Kenney Cuisine – Day 5


As I mentioned before my post is a bit late because I decided that after a week of fresh healthy food I have to stay in bed and feel sick, on a Friday night! The instructors were warning us to be cautious, because of the change of climate, food etc. Which is kind of logical since I never ever ate raw food for a whole week. So the tasty day 5 ended up in the toilet unfortunately, but no worries there is still a lot to come!

_MG_0442I started my day with my breakfast, this time I sliced up an avocado and ate it with Mana sprouted bread, which is this almost offensively fiber-rich bread that tastes really good, but only in the same way the tree bark does.

Next I was biking again and hoping that the driver doesn’t yell at me this time. Luckily the driver was super nice and was amazingly interested in what the hell am I drinking.

Me: “kombucha with chia and spirulina”

Him “I don’t understand” Fair enough 🙂

Moving on… At Matthew Kenney Cuisine we were making sushi on Day 5 and the preparation for all the ingredients took quite a while, like I said Mise en plac! Last but not least we made and ate a raw cesar kale salad with dehydrated croutons and raw “parmesan” cheese, feeling super healthy like the poster child for superfoods.

My plate

After school we decided to buy tickets for the touristy Hollywood tour and treat ourselves with some raw desserts. Even though at that time I already wasn’t feeling so good, I was forced to inhale the beauty of Matthew Kenney’s desserts at M.A.K.E. We tried out the aerated chocolate, stone fruit tart, banana split and this one cheesecake was so sweet but not offensive, and crunchy and soft at the same time with a tangy lemon bitterness. I ate the whole thing faster than I could continue my scientific raw dessert monologue.


Coming up are highlights from our Hollywood tours!

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