Matthew Kenney – Day 10


It’s Friday! And day 10 is already finished! I can’t believe we are already half way through our Level 1 at Matthew Kenney Cuisine. Today was an intense day and I feel it in my bones! I’m tired but happy…

Like I told you in the previous post, this was THE day to show off our knife skills. We first did a practical exam lining up our cuts and gave them to our instructors to evaluate them. After that, we had a written exam. It all went pretty well I think, have in mind I was never trained nor was my family ever in the culinary business, but I’m learning and practicing. Also don’t be afraid of all the scraps we leave behind, it all turns into a yummy nutritious juice for us.

Next up was preparing the raw banana bread and raw seaweed salad. After lunch we got to hang out with Matthew Kenney himself. He kindly answered a couple of questions on the topic of raw/wholefood business. It was great to hear his story and his opinion on our ideas. It’s not all about blending and eating in this school, it’s much much more! 😉

After our meeting with Matthew we were all challenged! We had 45 minutes, a couple of ingredients and one plate – we had to prepare our own recipe and plate it in a fine dining style. My classmate Brian and me did a raw caprese. We decided on doing it a bit differently, layering a pear and tomatoes with hempseed cilantro pesto and macadamia mozzarella, for a touch of freshness we added a grapefruit salad – I’m selling it now, right? 😉 The whole class exceeded my expectation; everyone was so creative (sorry about the bad quality pictures, but we had limited time), it just shows that we really learnt a lot!

We ended the day with deep cleaning the kitchen and rewarded ourselves with heavenly raw banana bread. I even added goji berries (which are the Justin Bieber of superfoods because of their meteoric rise of fame) on top to make me feel better eating so much.

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  1. Nina says:

    Vsak dan te z veseljem berem,kako uzivas na tem norem popotovanju okusov.Lepo bi bilo le,da objavis se kak recept 🙂

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