Matthew Kenney – Day 12


Pastry week is killing me, so much goodness in one day! We indulged raw pancakes for breakfast with fruit and a cappuccino with hempseed milk.  Today we were all busy quiet bees, very tired but still making amazingly delicious meals.

With spiking our healthy sugar levels we were ready to start our day! This week we are slacking a bit on our knife skills, but hey it’s pastry week right?! We don’t need a knife to make perfectly rich and creamy truffles coated with pistachios, coconuts, lime or lavender.

_MG_0025 _MG_0021

For lunch we also had sweet zucchini pasta tossed with a corn pesto and arugula salad. We learned about making coconut kefir and little friends creating/fermenting it “which you have to take rally good care of” as per chef Shaun.

TIP of the day!

We became aware of the necessity of ALWAYS opening your dates! There is always a date hidden somewhere that has little hidden creatures or mold in there. Yuck! I didn’t know that! (see picture below. Left: moldy Right: white creature party.

To see my variety of truffles click here.

4 responses to “Matthew Kenney – Day 12”

  1. Julia says:

    That food looks incredible! As always. I have a question: do I only have to open fresh dates or can dried dates contain a ”surprise” too?

  2. Karen says:

    First your blog is great! I really like it! I would like to ask about the book that you posted a picture of ” The Art of Fermentation” is that a reference book belonging to the school or is it a book you receive when you take the course? I found it on amazon in kindle form, but if it is part of the book a student receives I will hold off on the purchase.

  3. FAV | Niedzielny Przegląd Linków #27 | Viandraw says:

    […] Relacja kursantki z przebiegu zajęć w witariańskiej szkole prowadzonej przez Matthew […]

  4. […] Relacja kursantki z przebiegu zajęć w witariańskiej szkole prowadzonej przez Matthew […]

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