Matthew Kenney – Day 14


Day number 14 at the Matthew Kenney Academy. My day started very sleepy so the only thing that got me out of bed and hauled my ass to the shower was the promise of one very special amazebowl made out of a green smoothie. Its crunchy and sweet with a very green color, made even more spectacular by its lack of food coloring and/or artificial flavoring. It tastes like sunshine and ice-cream, promises the dizzying effects of brain freeze, and strikes the perfect balance between tangy and sweet as facilitated by the combination of coconut milk, mango, kale and spinach. After the lean green machine we decided to chill out on the beach and strike a pose.

At the academy we did several recipes including a summer dessert – market strawberries, which was by far one of the best. And spectacular tempered chocolate filled with chai and cherry filling. I have so many leftovers so if you will excuse me I will go eat a delicious breakfast and desert, because chocolate in the morning is never a bad idea.

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