Matthew Kenney – Day 14


Day 14 at Matthew Kenney Cuisine was all about burgers or sliders, which are mini sized burgers that cost exactly the same for less amount of food… But hey, they look cute, right? Well our sliders are much much more, full of healthy goodness and flavor. We already know we love burgers. Thin burgers, thick burgers, small/big burgers, but always-organic burgers! We all love them one and all, the way a mother loves all her children. Unlike mom, we don’t pretend to love all our children equally. Finally we’re putting our burger obsession to a whole new level… Making a raw burger! Eat’em an weep with healthy joy.

Our burgers were made with tamari Portobello mushrooms, raw Swiss cheese and these rich sauces that you’ll end up even wearing them, because they’re so good! In particular the raw ranch sauce and smokey sauce.

Our day was filled with our final preparations for our tomorrow cheese presentations. We also did a variety of different salads and vinaigrettes all created from our own raw heads.

Now I have to concentrate and think all about my cheese plate presentation for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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