Matthew Kenney – Day 15


So our ending of week three was full on alcohol, but purely for study reasons, no pleasure here whatsoever… yeah right!

We were lucky enough to have a supplier of wines come and tell us more about wine and food pairings. It was a great experience to try out different wines and figure out to which dish it would suit. 10 glasses later we had to make our cheese presentation, you can imagine our creativity was mind blowing after so much wine… At least in our heads.

Later that evening it was time to present what we created. I decided for savory and sweet. I had an aged cashew based cheese with caraway and dill, paired with balsamic reduction. The second cheese was pistachio based with a smoky touch, paired with chive vinaigrette and Slovenian chestnut honey mustard.

I think we all did an amazing presentation of our plates and you can see quite an upgrade from our Level 1 cheese week. What do you think?

_MG_1493 _MG_1505 _MG_1495 _MG_1502 _MG_1510 _MG_1512 _MG_1522 _MG_1524 _MG_1526 _MG_1531 _MG_1533 _MG_1541 _MG_1548 _MG_1545

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