Matthew Kenney – Day 15




Wau wau wau, our Day 15 at Matthew Kenney Cuisine was mind blowing! There was cheese everywhere, cookies and parfait. We even had a special guest visit us and tried our hard work…
So I started my day with my usual green smoothie. As you’ve probably noticed already I’m a huge fan of these pureed meals. Why bother chewing if it’s optional.

6AM I’m up and ready for my long bus drive, which was convenient today because I still didn’t figure out how I’ll assemble my cheese plate presentation… 1 hour later I wake up on Clolorado and Broadway, great I have fallen asleep! But not to worry I always work better under pressure, so I decided to go with the flow.

_MG_0256 _MG_0249

Before our cheese presentation we did a parfait with coconut yogurt, grawnola and berries. This was my second breakfast. Than we made chocolate cookies! You are reading correctly, you can make raw healthy cookies no problem. The only problem I have with them it’s so hard to stop snacking on their dough while you’re preparing them! It’s like with almond butter, one tablespoon of soon turns to four and before you know it you’re almost bathing in your little left dough like a Squirrel during harvesting season.

_MG_0261 _MG_0268 _MG_0267

Next up was cheese platting! Remember when I told you I’m great under pressure? I lied. I decided to take a step back, go simple and on the way spice it up a bit. It worked! My cheese plate actually looked presentable and the tastes of sauces complimented the cheeses. I did a sweet thyme/fig cheese that was paired with a kale/truffle oil tapenade and a savory mustard cheese with tarragon that was served with mint peach jam.

 My Cheese Presentation

(first picture)
_MG_0282 _MG_0294 _MG_0291 _MG_0288 _MG_0284

After presenting our plates we also had Matthew Kenney visit us and the Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova. Pretty cool! I don’t want to brag, but I think Karolina got crazy about my tapenade, just sayin!

_MG_0300 _MG_0316 _MG_0314 _MG_0311 _MG_0307 _MG_0303

I love my classmates reaction when the supermodel took a picture with him. “Omg, Karolina Kurkova just tried my cheese and I have a picture with her!” Me: “That’s great!” Him: “Yeah, I’m just not too sure who she is”

Haha the perks of having an international class with students coming from far far away.

_MG_0324 _MG_0325

All in all it was a very successful ending of our week. I think I will be needing a junk food fast, giving my body a break from going overboard with healthy food… Yeah right!

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