Matthew Kenney – Day 18


Is it possible that it’s day 18 already at Matthew Kenney Cuisine?! Time is flying by! Today we finished up our last preparations for tomorrow’s final presentations! I’m happy with my menu and very excited to put it together on an actual plate.

This post is also lacking photos (except for the nut free tart!), but you don’t want to see me running around finding a perfect balanced white chocolate sauce while giving everyone a laser eye look when it’s not quite right. I guess I’m still on sugar overload trying out raw chocolate fudge, nut free tart, vanilla ice cream, matcha truffles, chai truffles, and lemon cookies, you get the point right? I can’t complain, but I think I’m taking up two seats on the bus by now.

I can’t wait to put my feet to rest; today was a mind blowing self discipline curriculum. It was all up to us, if you didn’t soak your nuts or dehydrate your crackers, it’s all on you. Of course we all forgot something, but we gave a big smile to our neighbor and hopefully he was the one who soaked those extra walnuts you totally forgot to soak…. pssst.

After a day of marathon tasting and eating I was ready to go home. But wait there’s more! I had quite an evening as well. Two drunken homeless women almost pushed me off my bike onto the road (for fun I guess), I saw a guy chasing pigeons giving each a kiss and locking them in a cage, a drugged guy coming onto the bus half naked and it was the first time I wasn’t freezing on the bus (not relevant really)… This is the time when I really miss my little quiet country.

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