Matthew Kenney – Day 19


Gosh! Where do I begin? I can’t believe it’s been a month already in Matthew Kenney Cuisine Santa Monica and our presentation day is here! I can’t even describe the jitters I feel while I’m writing this.

So I started my day relaxed, everything was pretty much ready yesterday I just had to figure out how to present my menu on the plates. It was weird being so calm, but when the clock hit noon we had to hurry up. There was chaos in my brain, but the good/inspirational chaos. I managed to plate my second and third dish and I absolutely loved it!

Now I can tell you what my menu was. As you know I’m a big fan of burgers in any way, so the all American junk food menu inspired me. I decided to achieve a sweet potato burger and the lava cake that makes you high. Here is my menu:


Cesar Salad

chili crouton, crispy coconut, macadamia dressing


Sweet Potato Sliders

dill mayo, red pepper ketchup, walnut bun


Beet Lava Cake

rose milkshake mint, white chocolate sauce

_MG_0519 _MG_0480


And let me tell you, I was so high on that lava cake that I totally forgot to take a picture of the inside, which is the point of the whole cake! So I’ll just have to make it for you when I come back. How does that sound?

I was very impressed the way the burgers and the tastes of the sauces complimented each other. And again the lava cake, seriously! Brake a little piece off and the chocolate lava poured out slowly, leaving you speechless. In fact, there are no words needed when this dessert is served. Only a spoon. Keep in mind this is actually raw, vegan and refined sugar free! Oh, almost forgot about my all American milkshake. I did a raw ice cream which was blended with hazelnut milk, strawberries and rose water. Pure heaven!

Yes yess, I’m moving away from the lava cake and the sweets. All of my fellow classmates did an amazing job with their menus. I was amazed how much knowledge sinked in, in only one month! With the help of our very talented instructors, the whole curriculum and our passion for healthy wholesome food we achieved amazing results.

To wrap up this day in one paragraph:

Taste: the beautiful flavors of good healthy food.

Smell: rosemary, thyme, basil, cilantro, ginger, dill!

Touch: the constant pressure of working with your hands.

Hearing: the clanging of plates, pots, the cutting. The beautiful sound of silence when all is going well.

Sight: Seeing all the beautiful food being created and the pleasure of tasting it with your eyes.

Thank you Adrian for some of the photos!

_MG_0378 _MG_0522 _MG_0516 _MG_0513 _MG_0508 _MG_0506 _MG_0500 _MG_0498 _MG_0494 _MG_0488 _MG_0485 _MG_0483 _MG_0481 _MG_0477 _MG_0472 _MG_0470 _MG_0468 _MG_0464 _MG_0461 _MG_0459 _MG_0455 _MG_0452 _MG_0451 _MG_0445 _MG_0444 _MG_0443 _MG_0429 _MG_0420 _MG_0405 _MG_0404 _MG_0403 _MG_0395 _MG_0386 _MG_0381

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