Matthew Kenney – Day 22


Level 2 and Day 2 at Matthew Kenney Cuisine in Santa Monica was a bit tough. Not so much preparing food, but taking photos. You are probably used to bright crisp images by now and the 3-9pm hours are making it very hard to get those sharp shots. Even with my fancy pansy camera, it’s kind of hard getting those final touch ups at 9pm (night time). Bare with me this week, I will try to get good artificial lightning and bring you some glorious shots!

Other than that it was pretty fun again. We did some delicious gnocchi with our own sauce (I’ve made truffle mustard sauce) and parsley gremolata, also there was a miso soup on the menu and I finished off with our left over chocolate pecan custard.

I was pretty late already so when we cleaned up I was just thinking about going home, but my cravings were getting a bit out of control… Don’t tell anyone but my friend and me sneaked into a real deal American diner and had sweet potato fries with white wine, funny combination right?

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