Matthew Kenney – Day 27


Howdy! I feel so happy that I moved houses, right now I am very close to school and I live in this beautiful bright house with a big airy kitchen and patio. My landlord is from England and completely chilled, he was even running an organic food delivery shop when he was my age, how cool is that?!

Day 27 at Matthew Kenney raw chef academy started out very relaxing. First I went to Hatha yoga, which was how can I say it – boring? I like yoga as you know, but this was so slow that I have fallen asleep in between, doing the muscle cramp stages to REM zone. After class I tried to get out of there as soon as possible, but a hippie yogi came in my way asking me questions about the enlightened class in a deep/relaxing/slow/quiet voice. I didn’t want to be rude, but I was getting there since I didn’t have my dose of cold brew coffee this morning. And when I’m on the no-coffee wagon, my Eastern European blood can reveal its self. Do you get mean if you’re off the beans for too long? J

After my slowly overnight cold brewed coffee shot I was back on the exciting, very kind person zone and actually getting everything done. And I had SO many ideas. I made phone calls, wrote my blog, went grocery shopping and learned a new language all in like, one hour. Arriving to school with a huge grin on my face I started creating wonderful healthy food at M.A.K.E.

We did a cauliflower dish, learned how to sous-vide and made a spring salad (even though it’s clearly still summer). We also had a challenge at the end of the day. We were given different ingredients from which we had to come up with our own amuse-bouche (a single bite appetizer). I have made a mini lasagna filled with pea, avocado, ginger/mint, grapefruit and sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, chili and green onion.

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