Matthew Kenney – Day 28


Day 28 at Matthew Kenney Cuisine was amazeballs! As we say it in our class… We really got a full on experience with the smoking gun and learning different techniques to do a dragon roll and don’t get me started about the crumble with almond gelato!

As mentioned we had a one on one meeting with the smoking gun. We smoked our tofu (no soy) and mushrooms (I really don’t like mushrooms so I smoked an apple, it gave me chills it was so good). The whole smoking experience was incredible, it made the tofu insanely delicious, and it was very šmokey. High in sodium and self esteem!

We continued to make our Pho, which was also a quite unique experience, the broth had several amazing flavors and the addition of the smoky tofu was perfectly balanced.

And here comes the story about a delicate little fella, which is called … Crumble! Seriously the best recipe and dish I ever tasted in raw cuisine. I’m a huge fan of crumbles, but I could never make a good tasty raw one. Now I did! This sous-vide apple pear crumble satiates our sweet tooth but didn’t carry the implications of emotional baggage and distress that a real sugary restaurant crumble does.

The addition of an almond gelato was the cherry on top! It was kind of like marijuana of health food since it’s basically a gateway drug if you eat it too much, but still natural and better for you. We were crazily slurping on by far the best dessert of summer in all its almondy frozen glory.

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