Matthew Kenney – Day 6


Our weekend is over and done with and so is day 6! And boy do I have a story for you! Remember my chef’s coat and my cap? And remember how it was crisp clean white when I got it? Well on Sunday it turned out bright pink … Mhm, very Teresamisu you could say! So what happened … I decided to dedicate my Sunday to laundry, but I didn’t know that I’m actually going to do it for the ENTIRE day! I divided my colored clothes, my blacks and my whites. After an hour of carefully washing in three washing machines I open my colored ones and everything seemed fine, so did the blacks, but when I opened the whites they were not white anymore but unappealingly pink! Yes, a sneaky pink sock found its way to my white washing. I panicked; I cannot come to class looking like a weird looking grown up Barbie doll. So I googled, of course. I washed everything again, but adding half a cup of hydrogen peroxide (not really a raw recipe, I know). It worked brilliantly; my chef’s coat and cap were saved! Unfortunately my three favorite T shirts were not, so if there is a sponsor out there who would just love to see me in bright new white T shirts, I promise I will make them a delicious raw cake, without the hydrogen peroxide! 🙂 That was my full moon Sunday, but thankfully my Monday was pretty amazing. At Matthew Kenney Cuisine my knife skills are getting better and I got a chance to express my washing disaster anger into a coconut. We learned the safest way to open a coconut, which is a lot easier than my Sunday sessions cracking them with a hammer. We have made preparations for kimchi dumplings; also ice cream was on the menu and lovely zucchini pasta with the most delicious spicy raw almond sauce. _MG_9469 We ended our class with a special guest – the one and only raw guru Matthew Kenney! We were lucky enough to meet him and had a small introductory of what we do and what our goals are after finishing the academy. Day 6 was very uplifting I must day, but the girls and me decided we needed a (healthy) sugar boost as well. We headed to Simply Raw were we had a creamy Coconut Yogurt Parfait, which is a combination of raw granola, fresh berries, and coconut yogurt.

Fact of the day: what is arguably the best part of being considered a technical grown-up is the ability to eat breakfast for early dinner without being judged by a parental authority.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Am I the only one reading this? For crying out loud, there’s a RAW Cake involed here! hahaha! Tereza, where do we buy you those shirts? I can have a check mailed to you in a couple of days, or have them shipped to you. Where do we get them? What kind are they? Otherwise, I’ll have them when I visit Fri with you and Lety?

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