Matthew Kenney – Day 7


Dear Day 7 thank you for being awesome to us! I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazingly talented bunch of students and chefs. They all have they’re very own story to tell which is a big part of the hidden curriculum of this school as well. Each and every one of us brings something to the table (literally) and we all learn from each other. “Beautiful, beautiful” – words of our wise chef Brian.

Today I have posted a few pictures of how our class looks from the outside. It resembles to a big modern aquarium where people can watch us and see what we create. We always have young or older fans who take pictures, today we even made a group selfie with this cute family in the below picture.


Back to the food! We continued our journey with kimchi. I would say that if healthy foods would have to elect a team mascot, it would definitely be kimchi. And it is only a matter of time before celebrities start naming their child Kimchi. All jokes a side, it’s an incredibly nutritious food that you can make incredible recipes with and not serving it as a blob on a plate. We created kimchi dumplings with cabbage sauce and ginger foam. Fine dining at it’s best!

We concluded our day with making our very own recipes for… wait for it… I scream… Ice cream! It was great to be pushed trying to balance the right ingredients on our own. We were paired up into groups and the competition was heating up! Just kidding, we are very collegial to each other, but let me tell you we have some amazing gelato masterminds in the class. After Matthew Kenney Culinary day we all headed to the beach and did “brain yoga”… meaning doing absolutely nothing.

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