Matthew Kenney – Day 8


Gosh do I have news for you! Right in the middle of our Day 8 knife skills I received a very important email…

It was an email from my University! Great news, I graduated! I’m officially done with that part of my study life and as you can probably guess, I’m so happy! I studied communication studies, which was great for giving me perspective on what I’m actually really passionate about. Now I can start my new journey and completely dedicate my time in creating wholesome food. Guess how we are celebrating my graduation? With a plant based dinner of course and a glass of wine (maybe three) 🙂

So how was my day in Matthew Kenney Cuisine? We started our day with a short exam, which was the first exam that I actually couldn’t wait to study for, weird right? Not really. Than we had a little break with coffee and almond milk and continued with our knife skills. My knife is starting to be a part of me, very exciting. We also created delicious raw tostadas with mole, pico de gallo and guacamole – spicy, sweet and delicious! We ended our Wednesday with raw ice cream. Two groups presented their recipes and they were out of this world! We tried a black sesame/orange and spicy chocolate flavor. This was music to my tummy!

PS: On the below picture you will find our new mini fan. She was watching us work probably for a full hour while her parents were eating at M.A.K.E. restaurant. She was so shy, so I had a second to get this shot. I think I found the youngest raw chef maybe?

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